Bag Use Ideas for Men

Gifting a bag to a man doesn’t seem like the obvious present but this is definitely the new trend and here are some reasons why.

Bags are versatile and have many uses as well as their intended use for storing toiletries.

Some other bags use for men

🚬Tobacco Pouch
🎲 Dice & Cards in one place
🚲 Bike puncture repair kit
🧔🏻Moustache & Beard Balms
🪒Shaver & nail clippers
🔑 Keys
✏️ Pens
🎯 Darts
🎼Guitar plucks
🐕Dog Treats & Poop Bags
🐟 Fishing Hooks
👓 Glasses & Contact Lenses
🎮 Mobile Phone & Gaming Cables
📷 Camera Lens
🔨 Drill Bits & Nails

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